About our fishing:
Fishing in the Apostle Islands can be a fantastic experience. The island region offers many species of sport fish from Salmon, to Browns, Splake, Coaster Brookies, and our native Red Fin Lake Trout. The Red Fin Laker is our main bag. Lakers are naturally lean, with orange/pink meat that tastes great.

If you are looking species other than the Lake Trout, your best chances are fishing from mid-May thru mid-June, and the end of September thru October. We get these fish all season, but they seem to bite better during these periods. Lakers and Coho are caught all season.

1/2 Day Trip: 7AM-12PM or 1PM-6PM
With 1/2 day trips fishing locations are limited because of time & running restraints.

Full Day Trip: 7AM-4PM
*We are able to reach the farthest fishing grounds if necessary.

Thank you,
Captain Ken Nourse

*We start fishing shallow, as the season progresses, the lake rolls over and warms up. This sends the fish to deeper water. This fishing pattern sometimes takes us to outer reaches of the Islands.